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We normally do not ask or request donations, except at the store location.

This is the first time that we need to do so on the website!

A close friend and customer is in need of financial support.   Along with other Americans he has fallen to very hard times.   With his illness ; he is now unable to hold a job.   That said, No Job,  No Insurance, No Bank Account, only friends and family to ask.  That can only go so far.

He has applied for medical support, under the new Health Care Laws.  The government now have their hands in this process !!   The process is becoming slower than thought.   With No Job, he lost his insurance and (COBRA) is to high!!

My Company has supported Breast Cancer for many years now and have been able to donate Thousands of Dollars thru our support and our customer support.

The request is not a lot..   Any thing is welcome.  No coins...  Like at the Store, we are asking for cash.   Checks and Credit cards can not be processed, due to the fact that he has no Bank or Credit Card Accounts.  (Forced to be Closed)

Donations can be Sent to:



I will be posting the results of our collection drive.    So far we have received just under $100.00

John X   $20.00                   Linda & Larry  X    $10.00         The Wilson Family    $40.00
Mary X  $5.00              Sally X   $1.00            Janet X  $5.00             Joey X   $1.00

We want to thank a recent gifter, who does not want their name disclosed:  $900.00
I want to express great thanks to everyone who currently could provide support.   We are far from reaching even with the bill still mounting up.   I can no longer provide with loans to support the family.   It is thru folks like you that keep us going.   The doctors are working hard to do everything in their power.  It is the administrative part of the puzzle that is keeping us behind.  Thanks again for the support.

October is great this month.   Another donation just arrived $ 40.00
December:                                               Cyndi X - $24.30,     Allison X - $50.00